October Newsletter

Hello everyone,
Well, its a little hard to believe we are already into our second month of preschool.
I am very excited to let everyone know, we are off to a great start. The kids have really settled quickly into a routine. They are a great group of kids. They are starting to make new friendships quickly.
We have had a few changes as well. We have already had the family of Mayar and Bayar move. So we have 2 less children in our Tuesday/Thursday class. But, Aiden, from Monday/Wednesday/Friday class has now joined us 5 days a week as he has started  in the Tuesday/Thursday class this week. We have 2 possible new starts coming up which will fill our Tuesday/Thursday again. Sad to lose friends, but great to have new ones.
Our first field trip went off very well. Thank you again to all the families who chaperoned our kids. It was a great place to go, unfortunately, having not been to the new facility before I was short on how much time we needed to do the whole museum. If you want to spend a few hours with your child it is a great place to go!
This month we are going to start working on the letters in our names. I will be dotting out their names on the back of their crafts and have the kids trace the dots. This is also a really good activity to do at home. I will be sending home a craft of this so you will get the idea. We will talk about what it means to be Thankful and of course continuing the Autumn theme with turkeys, pumpkin pie, pumpkins and how they grow and Halloween, possibly fitting in another new Letter. 
We will have another field trip near the end of October to Dutchgrowers for the pumpkin maze,  Also, more details on Halloween parties follow as we get closer to those dates
Here is a list of dates to keep in mind.

Friday October 11, 2019        NO SCHOOL PD DAY
Monday October 14               NO SCHOOL THANKSGIVING
Monday October 28               Pumpkin Maze/Dutchgrowers
Wednesday October 30         Mon/Wed/Fri Halloween Party
Thursday October 31             Tues/Thurs Halloween Party

**Remember to dress warm over the next month when we head outside in the mornings it will be a little cooler, good to keep hats, mittens and a warm coat in your backpacks. Boots depending on wet conditions.

Happy October,
Mrs. Waynert

September Newsletter    

Good Day to all our Rosewood Families,
I would just like to say thank you for everyone showing up at our Mini Day. It was really great to meet all the families and extended family, as well as, some familiar faces from last year.
This week we are starting full classes, I am very excited to meet and get to know all these beautiful little people.
 School supplies coming in over the next few weeks is perfectly fine. The main items are school indoor shoes backpacks, lunch bags and extra clothing kept in a large ziplock bag labelled with their name and kept in their backpacks. As well as a family picture no bigger than 5 x 7 for your child's classroom family album.

I do have one concern,  I noticed today a number of families have brought a Sandle type shoe as an indoor shoe. Unfortunately, these are not sufficient. The sandle exposes the foot and toes to hazards in the classroom as well as the gym. A sandle does not have the same type of grip and durability as a Running shoe. We also may have to run outside in a fire drill in which case the foot could get wet from rain or full of snow causing the socks to be wet quickly. We have had to be outside for 5 minutes or longer at times so I would kindly ask that you replace the sandle with an actual Running Shoe giving complete coverage of the foot. This is a safety concern in our class.

This month we will concentrate on learning our friends names, learning what it means to be a kind friend and use our manners and learning classroom and school rules. Getting use to the school routine in general and of course having fun.trying to pick out our nametag learning how to cleanup and where the toys belong Getting use to the school routine in general and of course having FUN!!

We also start out with a number of crafts that will actually stay in the classroom rather than going home. We have a Memory Book Wall in which I put your child's craft in their own book which is stapled to the wall. These crafts are added to with seasonal crafts and special holidays throughout the year. At the end of the year you will be given this book as a keepsake. Being the crafts are displayed on the wall throughout the year you can easily view your child's     masterpiece at any time in the classroom. There will of course be a number of crafts that will be sent home as well. throughout the year.

I will be doing up a monthly newsletter in the beginning of each month which will give you an idea of what your child will be learing for that month as well as any important dates and events going on in the school. School closures etc.  At times we may follow what events go on in the school and at times do things on our own schedule. The future newsletters will not be as lengthy as the first one.

When it is your child's birthday. We will sing Happy Birthday at snacktime and talk about the special day. If you would like to bring cupcakes, or some other type of treat on your child's birthday to share with the class you are more than welcome to do so. We would have your child help pass it out at snacktime and be sure to take some extra time for this event.  I too will send home a bday bag for your child's special day. 

If you are going to very late or your child is sick please leave either a message on the school phone or you can text. I will not be able to view emails from school. Our school number is 306-850-3038.  I will check emails once I am home but unable to answer them during school hours.

Friday, September 27, 2019
On this day both classes will have to show up. Tuesday/Thursday class would have their pictures taken first. Parents are asked to stay until pictures are done and then you may go home. Monday/Wednesday/Friday class would just be dropped off as usual parents do not need to stay. The school has always been very good about letting our class go first so you would not have to wait around for very long. Each child receives an individual picture and a class picture. You do not have to pay any fees up front. I will send home more info as this day gets closer. We will display our class photos in class once we receive them.
Thank you everyone let's have a great September,
Mrs. Waynert