Happy New Year!!
I hope everyone had some wonderful holidays and hopefully coming back healthy.
Thank you so much to everyone who gave me cards and gifts it was very thoughtful and kind.
Our year is starting out a bit cold, so soon as the weather calms down we will be heading outside. Please continue to  dress your child for the weather and leave their boots at the front of the school near the office. When we go outside the kids will be  needing snowpants, boots, hats and mittens, scarves or something to keep their face warm.
This month we will focus on the cold weather, snow and animals that live in the cold. Our kitchen theme this month is "Birthday Party". The kids can pretend it is someone's b'day and makeup gifts to give in gift bags. There is a birthday cake and b'day hats. We will continue to learn more letters and we have started learning the number 9 as in 2 0 1 9. Most of the children are spelling their names with the aid of our nametag. Very proud of their efforts. Please continue to help them achieve this success. They are so excited to show me their names.
I would like to remind families that we do have Late Fee Charges.
A number of families are showing up after 9:15am. Please remember to drop your child off at 9:00AM. Our class STARTS at 9:15. After 3 lates families may be charged a late fee that would have to be paid before your child can return to class. Your child needs time to get their nametag and shoes on and enjoy some playtime with their friends before we start at 9:15. After that it is very disruptive to the class. I encourage everyone to be respectful of these times.
Some Important Dates:
Monday January 7 & 8      Classes resume
Monday January 28           NO SCHOOL PD/DAY

Well, I can hardly believe December is upon us already. We have had a fantastic start or end to the year, depending how you view it. The kids in both classes are amazing and I want to take a moment to thank all of my wonderful families who have been so kind and generous in helping  throughout the last few months.
December will go quickly as the holidays will be here soon. I am trying to squeeze a lot of holiday crafts in and some practice of our songs for our parties upcoming. We have been focusing on letters as you would have noticed. Now that the children are understanding of many of their own letters in their name, we are able to push forward with learning new letters in fun ways. When your child brings home a new letter , I encourage you to ask them what letter it is and what sound does it make.
Your children should be able to put on their own shoes and put their snack bags up by themselves by now. Please encourage this rather than do it for them. It is a big part of their independent growth and rewards them in feeling successful! If your child is having a hard time leaving you in the morning, I would suggest bringing them to class and then leaving quickly, prolonging your stay only prolongs their need for you and they do not focus on getting started with their shoes and nametags. Once families leave the children do what they need to do because they want to get to the playtime. 

We will be doing our Annual Foodbank Drive starting Tuesday. Please feel free to drop off non-perishable goods to our classroom, I will have a bin setup for items to be put into. The last week of class I will ask a volunteer to drop off the food at our local Sobey;s for the Saskatoon Food Bank. This is to help families and individuals in need. We will talk about why we do this in class next week so the children can gain empathy.
The following are some important dates:
FRIDAY, November 30, 2018            NO SCHOOL
MONDAY, December 3, 2018           NO SCHOOL
THURSDAY, December 13, 2018       Christmas Party
FRIDAY, December 14, 2018              Christmas Party
FRIDAY, December 21, 2018               Last day of class before holiday       
MONDAY DECEMBER 24, 2018 TO JANUARY 4, 2019           NO SCHOOL
MONDAY, January 7, 2019                 FIRST DAY OF CLASS

Hello Everyone:
I would like to start off saying a very big thank you to all the families that made the effort to get their children to and from the Dutch Growers Field Trip last week and also to our Halloween parties. As well as your donations of food and treats for our parties. Also the donation of pumpkins! Thank you very much.
This month of November has come around very quickly. It has been great to see the kids falling into a routine. I am really pleased to see how they have been doing so great at tracing the letters of their names. This month we will continue to work on recognizing different letters and different sounds of the letters. We have also been working on counting numbers.
Our Theme this month is Pets. I have turned the classroom into a Veterinary Clinic where the kids are pretending to be Vets and others are bringing their animals to be checked. We have also made the kitchen into a store where they can pretend to buy dog and cat food and dog bones. We are learning how we look after pets. I will be also talking about how we take care of ourselves and how to be healthy. We will also be talking about what it means to be peaceful this week in light of Remembrance Day.
Please be sure your children's change of clothes (in case of accident) are kept in their backpacks at all times. Please do not leave in the bottom of their locker. Last year we had some of the children's clothes taken either by accident or purposefully. Please continue to let your children put their shoes on 
by themselves. It is a learning time for them to realize they have to use their hands to help themselves. It is a very proud moment and continues to be everytime they do these little things by themselves. On that note please remember when purchasing shoes or boots that these are items they can take off and put on themselves. It is great to see how well they are doing in recognizing their nametags.
Friday November 9, 2018         NO SCHOOL PD DAY
Monday November 12, 2018    NO SCHOOL HOLIDAY

Enjoy your November!!

Hello Families,
Well we made it through our first month of preschool. I am very impressed at how quickly both classes have fallen into a routine and being able to recognize their nametag.
We have just been given gym times, meaning we have the small gym 3 times during the week. This will be great on days when the weather is not good to be out. Please dress your children for the weather everyday. We may go outside on any given day, so it would be a good idea to keep mittens and a hat in their backpack and always a warm coat and appropriate footwear.
This month we will be working on recognizing the letters in our names and learning to follow a dotted line to trace those letters. Please continue to do this activity at home with your child to speed up the learning process. We will also be learning about patterns, starting to learn the letters in the Alphabet, visually, hearing the sound the letter makes and words that start with a particular letter. Today we started the routine of having a helper each day with our calendar and  helping me with little tasks in the classroom. This is a great confidence booster. Each child will have a turn as the days go by. We will learn what it means to be thankful and we are working on learning to take turns when to talk and listen to eachother during circle time. We use an object like a toy or a pointer for someone to hold while they are talking, the rest of us listen and then we pass the toy/pointer to the next friend to have a turn to talk. This help the children to understand visually who's turn it is to talk.
A reminder to all families to drop off at 9:00 and pickup at 11:30. Please do not send a big snack as our time is short for snack time.
We have a few important dates coming up and another newsletter regarding the field trip will be sent out closer to that date.
Have a great October!!
FRIDAY OCTOBER 5, 2018               NO SCHOOL / PD DAY