Rosewood Preschool Policies & Guidelines:

Expectations of All Parents

Since the preschool is a Co-op, all parents are expected to contribute to the operation of the school for the benefit of OUR Children. We recognize this may be difficult for parents who work, so it is important for all parents to read the following guidelines to acquaint yourselves with the duties. 

We also welcome help from Grandparents or babysitters. 

Registration Requirements:

At Rosewood Co-operative Preschool we require that students be three years old by September 1 and potty trained to attend. The school must have your 10 post dated cheques plus clean-up and fundraising deposits in to the Treasurer or President by the first day of school. 

Classroom Requirements:

Each day, you must provide a nutritious snack for your child. These snacks are not shared. Please pack your preschooler with a small snack that can be eaten in about 15 minutes.

* Rosewood Cooperative Preschool is currently free of the following allergens: dairy, eggs, strawberries, and all nuts. Please do not send snacks containing these ingredients in your child's snack.

Please send your child with a change of clothing in a marked bag with their name, a pair of non-marking runners, preferably with velcro fasteners, that are to be left at school marked with their name.

Please send a water bottle for snack time with your child each school day. No other drinks.

Please have your child bring a medium-sized bag or backpack to school each day to transport their completed crafts, work, snacks, waterbottle, etc.

Parents and children are to remove their boots or dirty shoes at the front foyer when arriving at school. There will be a marked "preschool" shoe shelf to the right of the school doors for your children's outdoor shoes & boots.

Classroom Behaviour:

Rosewood Preschool wants to provide your child with a fun learning environment. To do that, we ask for help from students and their parents. Its very important to Rosewood Preschool that everyone feels safe and happy at school. 

Occasionally we have children who have a hard time controlling their hands, so Rosewood Preschool has adopted a three strike policy with regards to Hitting.

Strike one: A time-out no longer than 3-5 minutes in duration.

Strike two: A phone call to the child's guardian to have them picked up immediately.

Strike three: The child is not allowed to return to school for a week.

Classroom Cleaning:

Once during the school year, you MUST assist with one cleaning of the classroom. The clean-up includes washing and disinfecting all items in the classroom such as toys, shelves, floors, tables and chairs. Anyone who does not show up for the cleaning will charged a penalty of $50(payable to the Rosewood Preschool).

Field trips:

You will be asked to volunteer your time to assist with supervising the children on field trips. Generally two or three volunteers will be required. 

Field trips will be cancelled if there are not enough volunteers.


Fundraising allows Rosewood Cooperative Preschool to offer a wide variety of high-calibre programs through out the year. It also allows us to keep our fees competitive. However, unlike many other preschools we strive to keep the number of fund raising events to a minimum. Parents will be required to participate in two fundraising campaigns each year. Part of Rosewood Cooperative Preschool's success has been the generous participation of our families over the years!

A buyout option is available for most fundraisers.

Special Events:

You will be asked to bring food items for special events such as Halloween, Christmas Party, Valentine's Day and Graduation. Sign up sheets will be posted prior to the event. Each child's birthday is celebrated and you are welcome to bring a treat for all the children on that day.

Substitute Teacher:

Any Parent interested in being a volunteer "substitute teacher," should the need arise, is asked to notify the teacher or a Member of the Board.

Special Talents:

Any Parent with a special talent is encouraged to share them with the preschool (e.g.; Firefighter, Police officers, Chef/Baker, Horticulturalist, Farmers, Musicians, Postal worker) Please coordinate this with the teacher or Board member.

Message From the Board

We hope that this handbook is useful to you. It is difficult to anticipate all the possible situations that may occur during the course of a school year, and we urge you to phone or email one of the board members should you have any questions or concerns that this handbook does not address. The board of Directors of Rosewood Co-operative Preschool reserves the right to change the policies and procedures outlined in the handbook and will notify parents of any changes, in writing.